Manual Pneumatic Extruder – Da 3 Kg

Pneumatic extruder in anodized aluminium of 3 kg, valve to regulate the speed of the outgoing mix and internal piston in plastic material.
It is included 2 yellow cones + air tube and tap ready to be linked to the compressor.
It is built according to CE standards with security valve and internal seigeer, plastic piston.
Two plugs are positioned at the bottoms that allow a better grip even with oily hands.
The support s in coated material.

Its max working pressure is about 6 bar with manual vent that permits to stop the mix outgoing.
Tube: diameter mm 100 – length mm 400
Dimensions : length mm 540 – width mm 220 – height mm 100.
Weight: about Kg. 2,5

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  1. james Chan says:

    Excellent quality looks in the video. I am located in Chicago, USA. I am interested in your products. How can we order it?
    Thank you.

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